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National Geographic Explorer: Heroin vs Meth vs Marijuana

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Last night, I watched three back to back Explorer episodes on National Geographic. Heroin Crisis looked at heroin around the world, the second episode was The World's Most Dangerous Drug (methamphetamine), and the final episode was titled Marijuana Nation.
Heroin Crisis
I knew a lot about heroin already. One thing that stood out to me was when the program got into the manufacturing side of heroin. Afghanistan was producing 30% more heroin than the actual demand. While I didn't know that, I did know that Afghanistan was indeed responsible for producing 90% of the world's heroin. In fact, I wrote about: Wakeup: Back to Reagan's Drug War.

You see the Taliban had crushed the drug trade in Afghanistan in 2001. They tortured and murdered farmers to get their point across (much worse than the DEA's torturing and murdering of American citizens over marijuana). Then, the first coming of the idiot-Christ, President mis-Elect Bush, came around, guns-a-blazing, to shut down the Taliban. That's when poppy production went BACK into overdrive.

Question: Why did we decide to go into Afghanistan? Al Qaeda? Osama Bin Laden? Does it even matter?
World's Most Dangerous Drug
Methamphetamine (crystal meth or meth) scares me! Simply put, it's a frightening drug. I'd heard a lot about it. But, being that my one and only interest is and will always be marijuana, it didn't make sense for me to gather more information about this drug. But this Explorer program gave me that view of meth that set me straight about it once and for all. One thing that stood out to me more and more were the before and after images of meth users. Strong healthy people now looking thin, emaciated, and gaunt within a matter of a few months to two years. Not even cocaine or heroin is that bad on the body. Don't get me wrong. I grew up in the Bronx, New York City. I've seen first hand the destruction cocaine and heroin can do to a community. But, meth is a beast unto itself.

Anyway here's a Youtube video of meth users, before and after. As much as I hate to use these people because they demonize a harmless plant along with other man-made chemicals, even a broken clock is right twice a day.
Marijuana Nation
Finally, we get to Marijuana Nation and I am happy, yet pensive due to the twisting and spinning of information by police and DEA agents. I have a problem stomaching the ignorant and arrogant ranting of bold-faced habitual liars.

Let's think about it critically for a minute.

Who do you believe, or side with, in the War on Marijuana? Would you side with marijuana growers and traffickers over the DEA and police when it comes to legalizing marijuana? I'd side with the criminals because it's a question of who will lose if marijuana is legal.

First and foremost, criminals - growers and dealers. They lose because if marijuana is legalized, prices drop. That's not good for a would-be former criminal's pocket. If you're in the business of selling marijuana, you'd want to keep the prices high so that you can profit as much as possible. However, that will be difficult to do when you can buy a pound of decent marijuana in Zimbabwe for $20. You see where I am going on the criminal side of things. Yet, it's the criminals, like Marc Emery, that want it legalized. People don't sacrifice themselves unless it's important to them, morally important.

Secondly, the police and DEA. As I watched this program, comparing it to the other two, I realized there was an incredible bump in the amount of money and resources used for marijuana eradication. But, they lose if marijuana is legal because marijuana accounts for a high percentage of their work. If marijuana is made legal, it would be difficult for the DEA to account for the expenditures they currently use $70 billion annually. In other words, they'd be losing jobs.It's in their best interest to keep the pressure high on marijuana demonization in an effort to paint themselves as saviors and worth the cost. On top of that, if they're not concentrating on petty marijuana crime, they'd have to actually do real police work like solving murders or catching rapists.

Who wins? Scientists and Researchers. Doctors and medicinal users. Casual Users. US citizens in general who don't like the criminal element (the DEA) nor the wayward and errant dealers on the corner. And yes, even police. Remember Al Capone, Eliot Ness and the Untouchables? Alcohol Prohibition in the 1920's? There's a lesson the authorities of the United States should study extremely carefully because they're already repeating the past. If that's the case, we know the inevitable result.

Anyway, Marijuana Nation was good even if it rehashed a lot of the old stuff (old to me, at least) - Marc Emery (BC3 and Cannabis Culture), indoor and outdoor grow operations, and of course the obligatory save-my-DEA-job lies.
Last Puff
It's a wonder why people continue to lump marijuana in with heroin or methamphetamine. The substances are so drastically different on so many levels. It's like comparing water to nuclear runoff - one's safe and naturally occurring and the other is fatal and man-made. If you "enjoy" a cup of nuclear runoff, you're going to need lots of help. And, the people of this world, all nations, fail at the job of helping one another. We can't continue to murder, torture, and imprison our way out of our problems. It's the very reason they keep coming back. These people - friends, family, and others - need help in the form of common sense policy through education (which has worked for decreasing tobacco use). We can also put some of that DEA largesse into healthcare and addiction treatment. And, at $70 billion a year, we could probably provide free healthcare for all Americans as well.

3 responses to Anthony's Wisdom:

RiPPa said...

I've tried just about every drug with the exception of heroin and exctacy. I used to fuck with coke pretty heavy. And believe it or not, meth was a welcomed substitute. It didn't have the same high, but it wasn't the same crazy high like coke to me. But it was a bitch to fuck with all the same.

President Anthony Taurus said...

that's nuts rippa. as long as you off that shit. i have a problem takin tylenol. me and manmade drugs don't mix.

maria said...

Whenever I hear some idiot comparing marijuana to cocain, meth, heroin or even alcohol, I ask them how many people they know/heard of who died from a weed overdose.
ZERO, folks. The answer is zero.

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