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Marijuana Monday Ep 14.1: Best marijuana I've ever had!

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The big thing in marijuana is medical. Now, I won't act as if I am some debilitated, terminally ill individual that uses marijuana medicinally to relieve insurmountable pain. However, I am an insomniac which affects everything else in my life. Sometimes, I could stay up 36 hours before I finally crash and the most I've slept is about 6 hours which is an oddity for me. However, while smoking marijuana I get regulated to a degree. Depending on how I use, I can get varying and helpful effects. Overall, I enjoy the high. So, I want to tell two short stories about the best marijuana I've ever had.
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Brainstorm (aka Hempstar)
A few years ago, I purchased this marijuana called Hempstar from my connect (dealer). It was in the first few days of me getting top quality bud and not that crap on the street - the discovery phase, so to speak. The Hempstar was funky, stink in a good way. It was packed with little "diamonds" or trichomes which is where the THC is manufactured in the plant. Basically, in looks and smell, Hempstar was just very good.

I got home with this new marijuana and rolled a good sized blunt, chocolate philly (which is easier to roll that most people think). As I began to smoke, I got upset. I was watching tv and I felt nothing. Ok I am never getting this marijuana again. I wanted something to drink. As I got up to go to the kitchen, I wobbled a bit and fell right back down. Whoaaaaaaa! I looked at the television, it began to rotate ever so slightly. WHOAAAAAA! Eventually, I made it to the kitchen on those wobbly legs and got some cold water.

When I made it back, I laid down and woke up. No. I didn't go to sleep. At least, I don't remember going to sleep. All I remember was waking up about three hours later. And, I was HUNGRY. My appetite was monstrous to say the least, super munchies. After I fed the munchies, I looked up Hempstar online. I found out it's bred by Dutch Passion and found out they changed the name from Hempstar to Brainstorm. The site says that the line was updated. That's a lot to explain so I won't.

The next day, I found out my boy Will was coming from NJ. I don't miss those occassions to hang out with friends, I don't get to see often. And, I had to share the Hempstar. It's only natural. I rolled a Honey Dutch which I only smoked a third and would smoke the rest with my boy. And, I threw in a little bit of the Hempstar on the side for when he got home. The plan: Will would come over, smoke a little, head to the movies, then to my friend Fred's spot. After Will smoked that first few puffs, it was the same story. He didn't feel anything but when he went to the bathroom, he wobbled slightly.

I don't remember what we watched at the movies but after about 45 minutes into it, I smelled the Hempstar. Mind you, Will had the marijuana including a half-blunt on his inside pocket. On top of that, he was layered because it was cold. I asked Will if he could smell it. At first he said no but confirmed it 15 minutes later. Then, this loudmouth hoodrat about 5 seats away screeches, "I SMELL MARIJUANA." I had to laugh. The guy the girl was with was trying to quiet her down. Will apologized for the marijuana being so strong.

We get to Fred's spot and they smoke the rest of the blunt. I didn't want anymore. I know my limitations. We did get the munchies later on. Just when we were about to go to the store, Fred throws me his keys. Why? He says, "This shit got me couchlocked!" He really didn't want to get up to open the door when we got back. Will turned quiet as his high settled in. He couldn't really go to sleep but I could tell he was going down. He ended up going back home a little early.

Hopefully, the US will legalize marijuana for all and I can get some seeds and grow these out.

Stay tuned for next Monday.
There's another story about another strain that's the best ever for me. It's called Hush (pronounced hoosh). I'll discuss the difference between Hempstar and Hush and tell you why I don't think that many people know about Hush. Hint: This strain is too new for the streets.
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