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The Myth of Marijuana Potency

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I've been keeping up with marijuana news more and more and something has gotten to me. It seems that the government has decided to rehash another long dead lie about marijuana in an effort to scare people into their way of thinking. The big lie is that marijuana is now more potent than it was 40-50 years ago. This is an old lie, debunked time and time again. The people that fall for it, the citizen drug warrior whose too stupid to know any better, makes it worse by extrapolating various absurdities from government-sanctioned drug DEAlers.

One of the great liars is the former drug czar, John P. Walters. Here he is lying about marijuana's potency via TheFreshScent.
The Great Marijuana Lie
One of the greatest lies, and my personal favorite, happens to be that marijuana growers are somehow genetically engineering some kind of super weed to explain why it's more potent. First of all, genetic engineering as a science is still very much in its infancy. To apply it to marijuana cultivation would be very costly and I doubt your local grower has that kind of money and the Mexican drug cartels are far from interested in delivering more potent marijuana. If they cared at all, Mexican cultivated marijuana wouldn't be some of the weakest marijuana available after hemp.

Do you really think "El Diablo" wants to drop his fortune trying to genetically modify marijuana when he could easily use it to buy another yacht, hotel, bank, federali, or military person? If you're one of these citizen drug warriors, you're probably stupid enough to believe that one. I wouldn't be surprised.

The reason people come up with these outrageous lies is because:
  1. the naive don't know who to get the truth from and
  2. they have to figure out some way to justify the lies.
Well, that's what I am here for.. to tell the truth about marijuana potency. Marijuana is NOT any more potent today than it was back in the 1960's. Allow me to repeat that...

Fish Analogy: Explaining different potencies
People have to first understand that there are different kinds of marijuana out there. It's like the different types of fish. Fish have developed these traits over the last few million years long before genetic testing was so much as a glimmer in anyone's eye due to their environment. Just as environment can produce all kinds of cool, weird, beautiful, big, and small fish species, the earth's differing environments have produced different kinds of marijuana plants from small to tall to bushy to lanky with light green to purple colors. The potency ranges from less than 0.5% (hemp) to upwards of 20% (skunk). It's simply been this way for thousands of years. No one has done anything different to marijuana other than search and grow the best kinds.

As a grower, of course, I am going to look for strains that have the highest potency. It's no different than a home owner choosing which type of flowers, shrubs, and small trees he or she wants in their backyard. You want the best, so you look for the best. If you can have the most beautiful garden with a large variety of plants, what would you do?
Lacing the Truth
Although the government is blatantly lying about the potency of marijuana at every turn, there are some nefarious types out there. They do modify marijuana after it's already grown and harvested. These people will spray marijuana with chemicals that are harmful, if not fatal.

However, this can be compared to the lack of regulation that existed in the meat packing industry. Unregulated, you'd find all kinds of substances in your canned food from metal shavings to rats. It took the creation of the Food & Drug Administration to clean up the meat packing industry.

So, what are we to expect when it comes to a wholly unregulated marijuana industry? In the UK, people are spraying marijuana with some kind of silica to increase weight. In the US, almost everything is used to lace marijuana from roach spray to formeldahyde. If we want to protect ourselves, we're going to have regulate the marijuana industry to eliminate violent drug cartels as well as limit the danger that is inherent to a black market system.
Last Word
Unfortunately, the US government continues to leave the marijuana industry unregulated and dangerous. This is why I advocate growing your own marijuana. You can control the quality as well as keep money out of the hands of violent drug cartels. Unfortunately, growing your own marijuana, no matter how much it actually helps save lives, is a crime where men like Eddy Lepp and Charlie Lynch go to jail for providing good, clean, quality-controlled marijuana to various patients.

8 decades later and the best this government can do is continue lying about marijuana instead of controlling it.

Good job, America.
One More Thing
While the government is claiming that marijuana is reaching some kind of dangerous potency, pharmaceutical companies have created a synthetic (fake) 100% THC pill called marinol. And, it can't get any more potent than 100% pure. As long as marijuana remains illegal, drugs like marinol can be created so that pharmaceutical companies can make as much money from prohibition as possible.

If marijuana doesn't have any medical value then why would a pharmaceutical company develop synthetic marijuana in pill form? The sad and pitiful part is that it doesn't even work because it's too strong. Patients on marinol report of incapacitation for days at a time and terrible hallucinations. On top of that, marinol does not contain any of the helpful substances like Cannabinoids (CBDs) and Cannabinols (CBNs) which specifically help relieve nausea, alleviate pain, and relax you. Natural THC degrades into those CBDs and CBNs. How is unnatural, synthetic THC in pill form going to degrade into CBDs and CBNs? It won't which is why it does not, will not, and can not work.

But, thanks to the US government, terminally ill patients who can actually use natural marijuana can't get their hands on it. Their only option is a pill that doesn't even work.

Once again, good job, America.

4 responses to Anthony's Wisdom:

Anonymous said...

i didnt even bother reading this after seeing who wrote it and that smug face. this guy needs be brought up on charges against humanity

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this, brilliant! The rhetoric from the pro-marijuana-prohibition camp is getting more intense as the push to re-legalize heats up.

Now they are claiming a huge rise in marijuana-related emergency room visits. This needs to be looked into as well, smells a bit like spin to me.

Anonymous said...

I don't who the hell are you but c'mon, there's nothing wrong with the text at all. It's all true. It's sad how many naive people exists in this world.

I bet they're not that naive for others stuff in their lifes.

Anonymous said...

GENIOUS!finaly someone has cleared theses things up,
i am also a grower and i agree growing your own is the only way to ensure clean descent buds.
it cuts out the possibility of non-natural chemicals.And not to mention have you ever delt with a drug dealer its not cool for average citizens to talk to them.
allthough ILLEAGAL home growing is well worth the risks.pce one love stay green.

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